Accelerometer Tilt Support in Flash CS5

Wow!  What a great release – Adobe Flash Player 10.1 / Adobe Flash CS5:


1. Multitouch (Goose)
2. Compute Spectrum on the Microphone (Woodpecker)
3. Accelerometer (Penguin)


We can now get tilt data from Flash rather than requiring external programs providing the data.  This is great news!

You can use Penguin to emulate tilt while you develop on a PC then plug the actual tilt data in for play on a device with tilt.

Download Penguin Tilt Emulator for Flash and try it out!

All the best!

Dan Zen to Give Talk at Mobile Developers and Designers of Toronto – on Penguin Tilt Technology for Flash


Inventor Dan Zen will give a talk Wed July 8th from 7-9 at the Mobile Developers and Designers group in Toronto.

Here is a link to the facebook meet for the Mobile Developers and Designers event.

FITC / Rich Media Institute
156 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON

Penguin for Flash Launches to Help Designers and Developers Make Mobile Tilt Games and Applications

Penguin Tilt Emulator in one of its modes

Penguin Tilt Emulator in one of its modes

Penguin lets you make tilt games and applications in Flash.  Penguin comes with the Penguin Tilt Emulator that has a mobile device emulator so you can tilt, turn and translate a device.  This leaves tilt data (TiltML) on your machine.  Penguin reads the tilt data and provides an easy way to get at Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Forward, Right and Down data.

Penguin Tilt Emulator controlling animation

Penguin Tilt Emulator controlling animation

Visit and download the zip at the left.  There are full instructions on how to install the classes and examples on how to use them.  See the CODE page and the VIDEO pages for an introduction and to see the samples in action.

Please let us know if you use Penguin and we will add you to the Friends area at left.  If you use Penguin for a commercial venture and would care to donate that would be super!


Penguin is one of a selection of open source solutions called Flash Feathers available at


Dan Zen